In honor of Arrested Development…Chocolate Covered Bananas!

"I'd like a Gob, please."

“I’d like a Gob, please.”

In honor of Arrested Development season 4 starting on Netflix this weekend, I decided to make some Bluth Frozen Bananas! And man, they were tasty! No wonder there was “always money in the banana stand”.

There’s really not much of a “recipe”… but I felt they were delicious enough (and healthy enough) to warrant their own post.

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Chocolate Confession: M & M’s

evil little things

We all know how addictive M&M’s can be. And personally, I don’t even like them THAT much. (not as much as REAL dark chocolate) But, the sugar addict in me keeps coming back for more anyways.

Well yesterday, I bought a bag of dark chocolate m&m’s just to try them… and because I wanted chocolate and sugar (of course).  I also convinced myself at the store that they might help me to get my toddler to actually TRY to use the potty. (no, it didn’t work by the way.  stubborn kid!!)

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Chocolate Review- Nestle Dark Chocolate chips

nestle chocolate chips

Okay, I am a complete chocolate addict. You should know this, even if you have only read a little bit of my blog.
I am obsessed with finding the perfect chocolate chip. I love to bake with them, snack on them, melt them and dip things in them. (Currently, my favorite are Guittard Extra Dark Chocolate Chips.)

I was at the store earlier today and saw a chocolate chip variety that I had never seen before. Nestle Dark Chocolate chips. I was intrigued. Naturally, I couldn’t resist trying them out.

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Homemade Peppermint Patties – so yummy!!

yummy minty goodness!

I made some yummy, healthy peppermint patties recently. The best part is? (besides how yummy they are) They are SO EASY to make!

I brought some that I made to a family birthday party and everyone loved them (especially my dad, who is a mint FANATIC!).

I wasn’t super specific with measurements and just made the mint part until it looked like it was a good texture and tastes minty and sweet.  So, when you try the recipe yourself, don’t be afraid to experiment a little bit with the amounts of things.
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“But, it’s healthy for you!”

That is the response I hear most often when I talk about my chocolate habit.  I really do love dark chocolate, and people are always telling me how healthy it is.  My response?  “Healthy for me?  Yeah, maybe if I had any self-control.  I don’t think it’s healthy in the quantities I’m consuming it.”

But really, I don’t think it’s healthy at all!  It is highly processed, and has a lot of refined sugar in it.  I just can’t stop myself from eating it!  I love it, but I also hate that I love it so much.  My relationship with chocolate is very much a tangled web.   The last thing I need is a justification of my addiction.  “It’s okay if I eat this bag of dark chocolate,  I am getting some valuable antioxidants.”  ha!  It’s laughable, really.  You can get so many more enzymes and antioxidants in REAL living foods… like fresh fruits and vegetables!
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