In honor of Arrested Development…Chocolate Covered Bananas!

"I'd like a Gob, please."

“I’d like a Gob, please.”

In honor of Arrested Development season 4 starting on Netflix this weekend, I decided to make some Bluth Frozen Bananas! And man, they were tasty! No wonder there was “always money in the banana stand”.

There’s really not much of a “recipe”… but I felt they were delicious enough (and healthy enough) to warrant their own post.

Brenda's Original Frozen Banana :)

Brenda’s Original Frozen Banana 🙂

Brenda’s Original Frozen Bananas

4 bananas – cut in half and frozen
1 1/2c. – 2c. melting chocolate (or use dark chocolate chips and add some coconut oil to make it “melty”)
coconut, nuts, sprinkles, etc. (optional)

Freeze the bananas overnight with popsicle sticks in them. Then when they are ready, melt the chocolate in a double boiler and start “dipping”. Really, you will probably end up spreading the chocolate instead. It’s hard to actually dip them unless you are using a lot more chocolate. I used a rubber spatula to spread the chocolate on.

The chocolate hardens up pretty quickly, so you can let it them dry a bit and then set them down. And bam, just like that, you have yourself some pretty awesome treats to eat while you watch Arrested Development this weekend.

Okay okay, they are good anytime and a really fun summer treat!

yum, enjoy!

yum, enjoy!

(but seriously, you better watch arrested development, or else!)

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