Healthy Homemade Marshmallows!


healthy marshmallows!

I feel so accomplished right now.  I made Marshmallows!!  I dont know why it seemed like such a huge feat for me, but marshmallows seem like they should be really difficult to make.  The reality is, they are very easy to make!

I found this recipe from Mommypotamus.  It has only 3 ingredients!  It kind of blew my mind and I didn’t think they would actually turn out like marshmallows.  Well, I was pleasantly surprised and I am definitely planning on making more.  I think these will be really fun to give out for neighbor gifts or at a party.   They are healthy, unique, and everyone will think you are a kitchen god. 😉

These turned out so great,  I’m so ecstatic about them!

Healthy Homemade Marshmallows

1 c.  honey

1 c. water (separated)

3 T. gelatin

1 t. vanilla (optional)


Whipping the marshmallows – they are ready!


Put the gelatin and 1/2 c. of water in your mixing bowl.  Let it sit.

Now the honey and other 1/2 c. of water go into a sauce pan.  Boil and get up to temperature of 240 F.

Add the honey mixture to the gelatin mixture.  MIX!!  Beat it on high for at least five minutes.

You will know when it is ready… the texture will be very thick and marshmallow-y.

Put the marshmallow in a 9×13 pan with parchment paper laid down.   I like to put down a layer of something dry on the bottom.  I used coconut and cocoa powder.  It helps the marshmallows not to stick.  I think you could also use arrowroot powder, if you want a classic white marshmallow look.


marshmallow “batter” in the pan

Sprinkle whatever you like on the top while the marshmallows “set up”.  I used a coconut/coconut sugar mixture.  Let the marshmallows sit in the pan at room temp. until they have firmed up a bit.  It doesn’t take that long… about 30 minutes.


inside of the marshmallow – yum!

Then cut them up and roll them in your topping (they can be a bit sticky), and ENJOY!  Go impress the masses with your new found marshmallow skills.  🙂


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