Birthday FRUIT “cake”!


FRUIT cake! yum!

I got the idea from pinterest to make a birthday cake for myself completely out of fruit!


It was pretty fun!  Although, you have to put it together just hours before the party so that the fruit doesn’t start looking weird. haha.

Well, there is no real “recipe” for this.  There are a myriad of different fruits you can use to decorate the outside, though the main part should probably always be a watermelon… just because they are so big.   Here is what I made mine with.

Real Fruit “Cake”

1 large watermelon
1 c. green grapes
2 oranges (cut up with the skin off)
1 lb. strawberries
4 kiwis
2 peaches


1. Cut off the ends of your watermelon, then use a knife to get rid of all the rind.  You should be able to make two circle shapes out of it… then you can stack them on top of each other.   I didn’t use anything to hold them together, but I’m sure you could put some skewers (or long toothpicks or chopsticks) in there if you are worried about stability.

2.  Cut and prepare all of your other fruits.

3.  Now for the fun part.  Decorating!  I used small toothpicks to secure the fruit on the sides.  I broke the toothpicks in half, so you wouldn’t be able to see them as much.  (but, yes you can still see them.  go look at the full size image 😉

Voila!  Now, you have a fruit cake.

Enjoy a healthy birthday with no guilt.  OR, just use it as a really fun birthday appetizer.

me and my youngest exchanging devious looks.


fun tip:  bring a can of whipped cream to put on top of the cake.   fruit and whipped cream = a yummy dessert

Have fun and let me know if any of you try it… I would love to see pictures of other fruit cakes!




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