Spinach Cubes! (and smoothie recipe)

spinach cubes!

Okay, so I am not the best at getting greens in my diet. (I know I’m not alone.  ahem, people!)   And, I like spinach alright in salads and stuff, but I can NEVER eat the whole bag of spinach from the store before it goes bad.  It goes bad so fast!  So… a little while back I had a bag of spinach in my fridge that was going bad.  I didn’t know what to do to use it and I HATE to waste.  BAM!  I came up with this ingenious idea!  I puree’d the spinach in my food processor with a little bit of water until it became a green paste (yeah, its creepy looking).

Then, I put the green goop in an ice cube tray and froze it.  The next morning, I had Spinach Cubes!!  I got the spinach cubes out of the tray and put them in a plastic ziploc bag and stuck them back in the freezer.  Easy, instant, serving size spinach!  I throw a couple cubes into my smoothies now and I can’t taste the difference, but I know I’m getting some green goodness!

The other cool thing about this new discovery of mine is that I have been using it for other things too.  I also recently made “Pear Cubes”  when I had some pears that were going bad.  I throw those into smoothies too.

Anyways, here is my “recipe” for the smoothie I made.  (I use the term recipe loosely when talking about smoothies. lol)

mix it up!

Spinach Cube Smoothie
2 spinach cubes
1/2c. kefir or milk or yogurt
1 banana
1/2 c. frozen berries (raspberries are my favorite)

mix! mix! mix!  (I really love my ninja blender!)


my spinach smoothie!

my spinach smoothie!

Bonus:  My kids loved it, too!!  They are harder to please than just about anyone.  They also knew nothing of the “secret ingredient”  😉

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