December = No Self Control

my awesome candy house! must eat all the SUGARS!

Well, December was a crazy month. (food-wise.) I could not stop eating Christmas goodies! I gave some away and I even resorted to throwing some away after Christmas, because I was so sick of having no self control around the stuff!

It’s shameful because I was even having a hard time controlling myself around candies that usually don’t tempt me so much. (hard candies, saltwater taffy, skittles, suckers, etc. I’m generally a chocolate girl)

Embarrassing story:
I told my husband to “hide” a bunch of the candy in his car, so that I wouldn’t eat it.  Well, the very next night I was out in his car scrounging for sugar.  He is not a very good hider, so it didn’t take much for me to find them.  (in the trunk.  good try, honey! )

Every holiday I think that I can handle it, and every time I am proven wrong. I cannot keep the sweets in the house! (or in my husband’s car. LOL)

Anyways, I am back on the right track now and feeling good! I have a bunch of great ideas for healthy snacks and breakfast foods.

Here’s to a great and healthy New Years!

raise your glass of WATER! 😉


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