Halloween confession

I’m sure most sugar addicts like myself have a love/hate relationship with Halloween. I remember as a kid it was my 2nd favorite holiday (1st is Christmas) and I looked forward to it all year.  Now, it’s part dread… because I know of all the candy I will eat. (and the crappy-ness I will feel and the few pounds I will gain)  But, on the plus side… think of all the candy (FREE candy) I get to eat!! (see, I told you it was a love/hate relationship! haha)   I love dressing up and I love halloween parties and trick-or-treating (I get to go again because I have kids – yippee!!)

BUT, here I am already feeling like crap from this weekend of sugar binging (really if i’m being honest it’s probably been over a week).  But, I can’t stop myself from eating the Halloween candy!!  Now, all we have left is the crappy kind and I’m still somewhat tempted by it!  Thank goodness Halloween is almost over and I can start my sugar fast again.  It’s a yearly tradition that I do pretty much unintentionally.  Every year after Halloween I make myself so sick from all the candy that I give it up for a while afterwards.  Looks like its gonna be on for this year as well.

The fun part of Halloween for me is dressing up… our family did a theme this year.  My 3.5yr old is Buzz Lightyear,  my 1.5yr old is an alien from toy story, and me and my husband are Mr. and Mrs. Potato head.  It’s been fun!

Happy Halloween, everyone!!  🙂 Hopefully, you have more self control than me!

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