Steel cut oatmeal – easy and healthy breakfast!

apple cinnamon oatmeal 🙂

I think I may have mentioned this before, but we don’t eat cereal.  I decided to cut it out of our lives in favor of healthier breakfasts (and not so much wasted milk).  So, we have to get pretty creative with our breakfasts.  It can be hard at first to think up new and tasty breakfast ideas… especially ones that don’t take a lot of time.   This breakfast is the one that is our go-to FAST breakfast.  It is also great that my boys both LOVE oatmeal! (my  husband hates it, so we usually have it on weekday mornings).

Oatmeal is great because it is so versatile, you can add most fruits or nuts to it and it tastes great!  The combo we had this morning was Apples, cinnamon, and molasses.

The thing about this oatmeal that makes it so easy, is that you soak it overnight.   Steel cut oats take a really long time to cook, so it’s definitely not something I’m going to try to throw together in the morning.  Soaking them overnight makes it so easy!

Steel-cut oatmeal (soaked overnight)

1c. steel cut oats
3c. water
1/8-1/4c. kefir or whey*
(optional:  you can also add some kefir or whey to it while it soaks.  It changes the taste a little bit, but it helps release the phytic acid in the oats)

Combine all the ingredients in a pot and bring to a boil.  Shut off the burner and leave the pot covered over night.

Your oats will look something like that after soaking all night.  Depending on how you like the consistency of your oatmeal, you can add some more water and stir it all up. (or you could add milk or yogurt)

the oats after soaking

i added water to get it to this texture


I cut up some apples and put those in it with some cinnamon and molasses.  Then,  I heated it back up and we had breakfast!   Super easy and healthy breakfast!

apple cinnamon oatmeal 🙂

Some of our other oatmeal variations are:
Banana nut (sliced bananas with pecans or walnuts with maple syrup drizzled on top)
Berries and Yogurt (raspberries and greek yogurt added in)
Pecans and maple syrup
Plain (with a bit of molasses on top)
Chocolate chip cookie (if you are feeling naughty, you can add chocolate chips and a tiny sprinkle of brown sugar.  it tastes like a chocolate chip cookie!)


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