Easy Homemade Fruit Roll-ups!!

all rolled up and ready to go!

There’s just something about summer that makes me think of dried fruit. Probably because my mom would always buy huge cases of fruit in the summer from local farmers and then we would can and dehydrate the fruit.  This summer I have been making a lot of fruit strips.  The kids love them, and my husband likes to take them in his lunch for work.

My kids go crazy for fruit, and of course they LOVE fruit snacks and fruit roll ups.  I am not a fan of those and I don’t like to give them the kind from the store because generally they are full of sugar or fruit juice.  Not that fruit juice is horrible, but if I can make my own fruit roll ups at home without any added sugar or fruit juice?  Um, yeah!  awesome!

They are pretty straight-forward and easy to make.  You can also use any kinds of fruit in it.. but I’ll lay out a sample recipe here.

here is everything I used.

Very Berry Fruit Roll-ups

2 or 3 packages of berries (frozen or fresh, either way.  I used frozen, cuz that’s what I had. I used mixed berries, black berries, and strawberries)
1/8c. lemon juice (to preserve the color)

That’s it!  just mix it all up in a food processor or blender until smooth. Then, put it in a dehydrator on the fruit trays.  It usually takes quite a few hours to be done, it really depends on how thick you lay it out on the trays.

Tip: Try to lay it out fairly thin on the trays, you want it to be even, but not too thick.  If it is too thick, it will get big cracks in it.  It will still taste good, but won’t look quite as much like store-bought fruit roll ups.

just laid out on the trays

perfect texture!




Easy enough, right?  Try them out and see if you think they compare to store-bought fruit strips.  Also, have fun with the fruit combinations.  What weird combinations have you tried?  Tell me some!

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  1. This reminds me of my childhood! Something about living in washington and all those boxes and boxes of fruit we got every summer. My mom didn’t have a dehydrator, so she would put it on big cookie sheets and let it dry in the sun.

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