Sugar Binge – Emotional Eating

this looks like a good book.

Yesterday was a bad day.  I won’t go into details, but I ran to the store with the intention of buying junk food to “make me feel better”.    Guess what sucks?  It didn’t work!  I ate so much garbage and felt so gross and crappy last night.   I really don’t know why I do this to myself… after last night though, I feel more determined to stop.

I think I am going to try and convince myself that I am pre-diabetic (which could actually be true, idk.  a lot of crappy-food eating americans fall into this category.)  And when people offer me garbage food at parties and get-togethers and work,  I’ll just be like, “Sorry, can’t.  Pre-diabetic.”  haha!  I just really hope it helps convince ME at the store.  “Oh, you want that chocolate??”  *sad face*  “Sorry, you are pre-diabetic.  Guess you will just have to eat healthy!”   Getting diabetes scares the crap out of me and I know that I am headed down that road when I eat badly.

Anyways, I’ve realized that I need a new thing to do when I’m emotional/sad/depressed.  The food thing just isn’t working out for me anymore.  I’m not sure what to do.  I know a lot of people exercise… but sometimes that isn’t possible.  Too late/dark/cold outside.   Any suggestions?  What do other people do?


Baking Tip – Silpats!! (and sweet potato chips!)

sweet potato chips!

Best invention ever!!!!  Okay, that might be a SLIGHT exaggeration, but I’m not sure…. because I LOVE MY SILPATS!!  I am so happy that I read about them when I was learning how to make sweet potato chips in the oven.   Before I found out about silpats, I was using parchment paper.

Now, that I have silpats, making my homemade potato chips is so much easier. I also use them for pretty much all my baking needs.  NOTHING sticks to the things! they are great!

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Almond Flour Chocolate chip cookies – our favorite!!

i’m salivating now..

These cookies are so yummy, they have quickly become a new family favorite! My husband requests them almost every weekend. He says they are better than normal chocolate chip cookies!  That really means something coming from a Non-health-nut!

These cookies taste like toffee candy to me, I love them!  I have tried making them with egg before, because it makes them rise and have more of a cookie texture.  But, they are SO much better without egg!  They have such a different (better!) taste and texture to them.  Try them, you won’t regret it!  And, if you have a picky husband like mine, I bet he will love them too!!

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I didn’t buy chocolate!

it’s brown, but it’s not chocolate 🙂

You guys will not believe this.  I went to 2 stores and did NOT buy any form of chocolate or refined sugar!  I am so proud.

I still decided to indulge tonight.  It’s really funny that this is what I chose instead of chocolate. haha!  Trust me, I even surprised myself.

It’s weird.  I walked past the cheese section and I saw a bunch of different dips.  Artichoke dip, spinach dip, and BLACK BEAN DIP.  I saw that and remembered my awesome black bean dip recipe.  It is so easy and so tasty.

So, I bought some cream cheese at the store and came home and whipped it up.  It is SO delicious!  And hey, guess what?  No sugar! haha!
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