Healthy No-bake cookies!

that is my silpat in the background. LOVE IT!

My husband actually calls these my “desperate-for-chocolate cookies”. lol! He knows me too well! Yes, I did originally create these in a moment of desperation and I’ve been tweaking them a little bit ever since. Now, my 3 yr old asks for them! He thinks they are awesome “cookies” (we use that term loosely around here).

Here is my favorite version of the recipe. Feel free to make your own little changes here or there.

Healthy No-Bakes (Chocolate Desperation) Cookies

2T. butter
1/8c. cocoa powder
1T. coconut oil
1/8c. honey
1 T. molasses (optional – sometimes I don’t like the honey taste, so molasses hides it really well)
pinch of salt
1/2t. vanilla extract
1/3c. almond flour
1/4c. shredded coconut

melt butter and coconut oil over medium heat. then add honey and molasses and vanilla. stir. add cocoa powder. bring to a little boil. take off the heat, then add the almond flour and the coconut.

take little spoonfuls of the mixture and put them on a nonstick surface (silpat, wax paper, etc.) put them in the fridge to cool and harden up.

this batch makes about 20 little cookies.


yum! who is desperate for chocolate?? 🙂


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