Chocolate Confession: M & M’s

evil little things

We all know how addictive M&M’s can be. And personally, I don’t even like them THAT much. (not as much as REAL dark chocolate) But, the sugar addict in me keeps coming back for more anyways.

Well yesterday, I bought a bag of dark chocolate m&m’s just to try them… and because I wanted chocolate and sugar (of course).  I also convinced myself at the store that they might help me to get my toddler to actually TRY to use the potty. (no, it didn’t work by the way.  stubborn kid!!)

And, you want to know something sad? I had to make m&m cookies with them just to use them up or I would have eaten almost the whole bag!!

It’s easier for me to stop eating cookies, since they are much more filling (with all the flour and fat, etc.), than it is for me to stop eating just candy or chocolate. I can eat that until I make myself physically sick.

I have such a problem. really.

I think I will have my husband do the grocery shopping this week, so that I don’t buy any more chocolate. ugh!

p.s. the dark chocolate m&m’s don’t even really taste dark. really there is not that much of a difference between them and the regular m&m’s.  just an fyi.  🙂


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