An addict always finds a way – fudgy banana bites.


Fudgy Banana Bites

I was having a sweety chocolate craving this morning. Since I am an addict, I can make do with almost anything. I found this recipe and thought it looked pretty good. And hey! I had all the ingredients! So, I made them this morning.

They are pretty good. I mean, don’t get me wrong. Yes, I would rather have REAL dark chocolate. But, this is a pretty good alternative if you are desperate for some sweet chocolatey goodness!

Fudgy Banana Bites
1/4c. honey
1/4c. coconut oil
1/4c. cocoa powder
1/8c. peanut butter
1/8c. almond flour
1T. coconut butter

1-2 bananas cut up.

put the banana pieces in the freezer while you prepare the fudge.

melt ingredients together over low heat. when it is all melted together, dip the bananas in it! Keep them in the freezer. They taste better that way.

i took a bite out of the banana bite 🙂


Next time, I probably won’t use the peanut butter. I thought it messed with the chocolate flavor too much, I would probably just use almond flour (or almond butter) next time.

Overall, a yummy, easy (and HEALTHY) treat!! Try them out. 🙂


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