“But, it’s healthy for you!”

That is the response I hear most often when I talk about my chocolate habit.  I really do love dark chocolate, and people are always telling me how healthy it is.  My response?  “Healthy for me?  Yeah, maybe if I had any self-control.  I don’t think it’s healthy in the quantities I’m consuming it.”

But really, I don’t think it’s healthy at all!  It is highly processed, and has a lot of refined sugar in it.  I just can’t stop myself from eating it!  I love it, but I also hate that I love it so much.  My relationship with chocolate is very much a tangled web.   The last thing I need is a justification of my addiction.  “It’s okay if I eat this bag of dark chocolate,  I am getting some valuable antioxidants.”  ha!  It’s laughable, really.  You can get so many more enzymes and antioxidants in REAL living foods… like fresh fruits and vegetables!

Now, if only I could convince myself of that when I find myself standing in the chocolate aisle at the grocery store!

What is the food that you have a love/hate relationship with?  Any other fellow chocoholics out there?  How do you deal?

photo credit: bakingbites.com

Guittard Extra Dark Chocolate chips

P.s.  For those of you out there that DO have self control..  then you should check out these chocolate chips.. they are my FAVORITE.  They have the least amount of added sugar too!


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