I just made BUTTER!!

homemade butter… wow!

This may not seem like a big feat for some people, but it is something that I have personally never attempted before. I had some leftover Heavy Cream (from making the frosting for the cupcakes). Since I hate to waste anything, I decided to try and make butter from it! I found this awesome tutorial online.

Basically, I used my electric mixer and just mixed the crap out of it. And kept mixing…. and mixing some more. Finally, I noticed that the buttermilk was separating from the butter, so I was able to squeeze the butter and drain that out. Then, I did the rinsing process. (apparently, you have to rinse the butter to make sure all the buttermilk is out, so it wont go bad. who knew?  and by the way, buttermilk = “milk” released from the butter.  I used to always think it was milk with butter added… how embarrassing. ha! )

The taste is fairly bland… I’m guessing it’s because I used crappy ultra-pasteurized cream (the only kind I could find). I would like to try it with farm-fresh cream sometime and see how it compares. I ended up adding salt and pepper and garlic to it, to really up the flavor. It tastes really good now!

Even though making butter isn’t a very difficult process, I still felt like a mad scientist. It is very interesting watching that cream change into butter. It felt more like a science experiment than cooking. I enjoy that a lot actually, maybe I like science more than I know!


homemade butter… wow!


2 responses

  1. good job! I’ve made fresh whipped cream and thought about going all the way til it became butter, but I didn’t know that about buttermilk. Cool!

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