Alternative Sweeteners that I haven’t heard of!

The roots of the Yacon plant

Well, just when I thought I knew about all the different alternative sweeteners out there, I came across a couple more.  The first one I found while I was flipping through a foodie book that I checked out from the local library: The Gluten-Free Almond Flour Cookbook.

Yacon Syrup.   It is made from the Yacon plant in South America.  From what I have read, it has a lower glycemic effect and is safe for diabetics.  I need to do some more research on it and see how processed it is.  It reminds me a lot of agave syrup, so I’m not holding my breath.  It is probably highly processed like most sugars.   Still, very interesting.

The second sweetener is Coconut sugar (also called coconut crystals).  I saw this one while reading on  This one sounds a little more promising, but I’m probably biased since I have a deep love for coconuts.  If you haven’t seen the blog I posted about coconuts, you can click here.

Coconut sugar is made from sap of the blossoms on the coconut tree.  It is also considered a low-glycemic sugar source.  I am definitely planning on trying this stuff out, but like most alternative sugars, it is expensive!  So, it will probably be a rare thing.

If any of you have used either one of these sugars, let me know.  I’m interested in what you think about them!  When I try out the coconut sugar, I will take some pictures and tell you guys about it.

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