Crazy for Coconuts!

coconut macaroon

half eaten macaroon

Watch out everyone, I’m coo coo for Coconuts! They have tons of healthy fat and fiber and are so tasty and healthy for you!

It’s becoming my new obsession! I buy unsweetened shredded coconut in bulk and I even eat it plain. That is just how much I love it!

I also buy whole coconuts from time to time, but not as often because they are a pain in the butt to open up and get the meat out of.

Some of my latest coconut purchases:

Coconut flour – I’m planning on making a birthday cake for my baby’s first birthday with it. Stay tuned for that post.

Raw Chocolate Coconut butter – so yummy! I think I might finish off the jar from snacking on it, before I get the chance to try it in a recipe. haha!

Coconut butter – I have coconut oil (and love it), but I haven’t tried coconut butter before. There is one recipe in particular I would like to use it on. It’s a recipe for peppermint patties using coconut butter. I’m so excited, that will probably be another post as well 🙂

I am so excited to try out some fun coconut recipes and share them with you! In the meantime, I will share a favorite coconut recipe of mine.

Healthy Coconut Macaroons

1c. unsweetened shredded coconut
1/8c. honey
2 egg whites
pinch salt
1/2c. chocolate chips (optional)

Beat the egg whites until fluffy, then beat in the honey.. then gently spoon in the coconut. bake 400 for 10-12mins.

If you love coconut as much as I do, then you will love them plain.. but they also taste AMAZING with chocolate chips added.  Yum!

coconut macaroons


coconut macaroon

half eaten macaroon



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