8am – too early for a chocolate binge?

I bought some chocolate from the store the other night. I attempted to “hide” it from myself in the trunk of my car. I was hoping that by some miracle, I would maybe just up and forget where I had hidden it. No such luck.

The next morning, there I was at 8am, thinking about that secret treasure in the trunk of my car. I ate a good healthy breakfast, but my sugar addiction knows no bounds. I know there is chocolate in the trunk of my car and I. MUST. HAVE. IT.

I did what any reasonable addict would do in this situation, I ran out to my trunk and grabbed a piece (just one), and shut the trunk. I came back inside and savored it. Then, I repeated that step about 3 more times before I said “Screw it, I’m bringing the whole bag inside.” I was acting like a crack addict. I’m pretty sure all the neighbors were wondering if I had crack back there too!! And well, sugar IS my crack essentially, so I guess it’s kind of true.

Me and my 3 yr old made short work of the rest of the chocolate and then I vowed not to buy anymore until I am too weak to resist again. ha!

What crazy things have you done in the name of a sugar craving?


2 responses

  1. fun blog Brenda! You are a girl after my heart. That would be one of my treats of choice also. My only trick is to avoid buying treats at the store and telling myself I get enough treats from random people and random places. I don’t need to buy them myself too!

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