Fruits and vegetable composition parallel our bodies – interesting!

I found this info on another blog and I thought it was really interesting. Most of it seems pretty factual, though I’m not positive about all of it.  My awesome commentary is in italics… because I know that everyone loves to hear my opinions.  haha!

A sliced Carrot looks like a human eye. The pupil, iris and radiating lines look just like a sliced carrot! and Yes science shows that carrots greatly enhance blood flow and function of the eye. “Eat carrots to see in the dark”, remember that?

hmm… an orange eyeball, huh? I can see that .


Tomatoes and Capsicum have four chambers and are red. The heart is red and has four chambers. All of the research shows tomatoes and bell peppers are indeed pure and important blood food.

too bad tomatoes aren’t also in the shape of our heart, cuz that would be extra cool


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Homemade Peppermint Patties – so yummy!!

yummy minty goodness!

I made some yummy, healthy peppermint patties recently. The best part is? (besides how yummy they are) They are SO EASY to make!

I brought some that I made to a family birthday party and everyone loved them (especially my dad, who is a mint FANATIC!).

I wasn’t super specific with measurements and just made the mint part until it looked like it was a good texture and tastes minty and sweet.  So, when you try the recipe yourself, don’t be afraid to experiment a little bit with the amounts of things.
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Almond Flour Banana Bread (FAIL!) and Coconut Flour Waffles – Recipe Review

almond flour banana bread – FAIL!

I am constantly trying out  new recipes, and sometimes they really just don’t turn out as good as I think they will.  A lot of the time, the picture with the recipe is really awesome. It makes me think it will be super tasty and then it flops.    Such is the case for the blog today.

The other night I tried out a new recipe.  Almond Flour Banana Bread (it also has coconut flour in it).  Luckily, I only made a half batch… because it did NOT turn out well.
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“But, it’s healthy for you!”

That is the response I hear most often when I talk about my chocolate habit.  I really do love dark chocolate, and people are always telling me how healthy it is.  My response?  “Healthy for me?  Yeah, maybe if I had any self-control.  I don’t think it’s healthy in the quantities I’m consuming it.”

But really, I don’t think it’s healthy at all!  It is highly processed, and has a lot of refined sugar in it.  I just can’t stop myself from eating it!  I love it, but I also hate that I love it so much.  My relationship with chocolate is very much a tangled web.   The last thing I need is a justification of my addiction.  “It’s okay if I eat this bag of dark chocolate,  I am getting some valuable antioxidants.”  ha!  It’s laughable, really.  You can get so many more enzymes and antioxidants in REAL living foods… like fresh fruits and vegetables!
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I just made BUTTER!!

homemade butter… wow!

This may not seem like a big feat for some people, but it is something that I have personally never attempted before. I had some leftover Heavy Cream (from making the frosting for the cupcakes). Since I hate to waste anything, I decided to try and make butter from it! I found this awesome tutorial online.

Basically, I used my electric mixer and just mixed the crap out of it. And kept mixing…. and mixing some more. Finally, I noticed that the buttermilk was separating from the butter, so I was able to squeeze the butter and drain that out. Then, I did the rinsing process. (apparently, you have to rinse the butter to make sure all the buttermilk is out, so it wont go bad. who knew?  and by the way, buttermilk = “milk” released from the butter.  I used to always think it was milk with butter added… how embarrassing. ha! )
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Coconut Flour Cupcakes


coconut flour cupcake.. mmm

Wow, I had quite the weekend – a lot of baking! We had my son’s first birthday party on Saturday and I wanted to experiment with a few recipes.

The first recipe that I experimented with is this one. Her blog is based on cooking sweets for diabetics though (she uses a sweetener called erythritol), so I did change a few things.  Here is the recipe as I made it.  (it made 18 cupcakes) Continue reading

Alternative Sweeteners that I haven’t heard of!

The roots of the Yacon plant

Well, just when I thought I knew about all the different alternative sweeteners out there, I came across a couple more.  The first one I found while I was flipping through a foodie book that I checked out from the local library: The Gluten-Free Almond Flour Cookbook.

Yacon Syrup.   It is made from the Yacon plant in South America.  From what I have read, it has a lower glycemic effect and is safe for diabetics.  I need to do some more research on it and see how processed it is.  It reminds me a lot of agave syrup, so I’m not holding my breath.  It is probably highly processed like most sugars.   Still, very interesting.
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Grain Free Cheesecake Brownies

grain-free cheesecake brownies

Yum! Watch out for these brownies, they are highly addictive! I made these over the weekend and me and my husband polished them off that same evening. These brownies will not last long! So, if you make them, you should probably do it when you have a lot of people over so that you don’t eat 3 huge brownies like me. It’s embarrassing, really. I have no self control. Continue reading

Crazy for Coconuts!

coconut macaroon

half eaten macaroon

Watch out everyone, I’m coo coo for Coconuts! They have tons of healthy fat and fiber and are so tasty and healthy for you!

It’s becoming my new obsession! I buy unsweetened shredded coconut in bulk and I even eat it plain. That is just how much I love it! Continue reading